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On June 14, 1987, his Excellency Bishop Arthur N. Tofoya of the diocese of Pueblo, Colorado visited our community in Amarillo, Texas for the first time.  He was seeking the presence of a community of Capuchin Poor Clares for his diocese. The sisters’ mission would be to support with prayer the pastoral ministry of the bishop and of the priests and religious. 


Our presence in the diocese of Pueblo is the fruit of persevering prayer on the part of a bishop who knew how to wait for God’s time. After fourteen years of patient waiting, he finally managed to get a contemplative community to his diocese.

The Capuchin Poor Clares had come to the diocese of Amarillo in 1981.  There were not enough sisters to begin a new monastery.  So his petition was referred to the Federation of Capuchin Poor Clares in Mexico.

During the next three years, the president of the Mexican federation, Mother Inés Cacho visited the diocese of Pueblo twice.  She held out the hope of sending a group of Mexican Capuchin Poor Clares to start a new monastery.  However, it was not time for God to realize this work. For various reasons it was not possible to accomplish the project and the new monastery was not founded.


On his part, the bishop continued to talk with the community in Amarillo, Texas. He waited patiently for the day his petition would be received favorably.  


Providentially, the community in Amarillo grew in the number of vocations in a short number of years.  At that time it was deemed propitious to deal with the petition of the bishop of Pueblo. He had been waiting for many years.


In 1999, the project was proposed to the community and six sisters were selected. After prayer and reflection on what was God’s will, we willingly accepted the invitation that God gave us through our superiors.

Our History

At the same time because it was the year dedicated by the Church to Our Heavenly Father, the monastery would be dedicated to Him.


On August 8, 2000, having received the permission of the Sacred Congregation, preparations were begun  to send the group of sisters to establish the fourth community of Capuchin Poor Clares in the  United States.


Finally, on February 4, 2001, the six sisters left

for the city of Pueblo, Colorado. 


We adore
Most Holy Lord Jesus Christ
Here and in all your churches
Throughout the world,
And we bless you because
By your holy Cross, You have redeemed the world.

— Saint Francis of Assisi

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